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Online Zoom sessions detailed below.

In person sessions to be discussed based on each circumstance. 

Online Yoga Options

- Winter Wellness

2. Yoga  

- Each Sunday a newsletter will be sent out with class links for the week 

(if you send your info mid week - no problem, email expressing interest and the link will be sent before class)

3. Click on the Zoom link at class time

- You do NOT need to download the Zoom app to access classes

~ Set up your practice space in an area that you feel comfortable, have great wifi and where you can stay present 

*In order to create space for any discussion (questions, specific considerations etc) before class, Zoom sessions will being 15 mins prior to the class start time. Please feel welcome to come in early and share or show up right at the start of the practice. 

4. Enjoy your practice 

- Click on the Spotify playlist (instrumental or with lyrics) if you enjoy practicing with music

~ Once class begins participants are muted

* It is your choice to have your screen on / off

5. Share

- I am here to support you and your practice, communication is encouraged :)

~ Feel welcome to share Phases Yoga with your community

Online Yoga Options
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