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Fall / Winter Session Info


~ All classes at Redwood House, 1 Manyhorses Drive 


~12 week sessions starting Wednesday September 15 - Wednesday December 8

*No classes Wednesday October 13

~ Small class sizes

Creative movement session

Creative Movement Age 4-6

4:30 - 5:15pm

Building confidence and physical literacy while being creative. Foundational ballet/jazz/music will be explored. Students will have the opportunity to express their interests and create relationships. All movement will be taught demonstrating value and care to each student's self-expression. 

Price for 12 wk session:

$180 + GST

Creative movement session

Creative Movement Age 7-11

5:15 - 6:15pm

Foundational movement will be explored, along with an introduction to choreography and style. Body awareness and confidence will be encouraged through patterns to increase strength and flexibility. Each student will have the opportunity to develop confidence and interact with their peers.

Price for 12 wk session:

$240 + GST

Youth yoga session

Youth Yoga
Age 12+

6:15 - 7:30pm

Asana (postures), pranayama (breath), mediation, awareness of self and relationship to the world will be explored. A strong emphases will be placed on developing confidence to share, reflect and listen to others. Student interest will guide the progress of each practice

Price for 12 wk session:

$300 + GST

Mindful movement to support physical & mental wellbeing.


All AHS regulations will be followed.
In the event RWCA closure, classes will move online or be rescheduled (based on RMCA availability).  
In the event of instructor cancellation a makeup evening will be scheduled. 

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