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Nicole Hopkins

BKin, Yoga Therapist CYA-YT, RCYT

My interest in movement began at an early age through exploration of performing arts. I have been fortunate to learn many diverse styles and have been able to resonate with how the energy of each discipline affects mood and physicality. 

I was drawn to yoga as a tool to strengthen myself as a young dancer and grew more interested in its many facets to support the body, mind and soul. Merging my curiosity of yoga, movement and science, I have studied with Daniel Clement, Stefani Wilton and Mandi Mack and have now obtained certification of Yoga Therapy through the Canadian Yoga Alliance and am a Registered Youth Yoga Instructor. In 2013, I received a degree in Kinesiology with a dance minor from the University of Calgary. 

Over the past 14 years I have taught an array of physical movement within dance studios, private sessions, adult programs and school systems. In 2012, I developed an in-studio ballet syllabus and continue to teach, choreograph, adjudicate and examine. I value curiosity as a student and teacher, exploring the many paths that yoga has to offer. I am currently a sessional instructor at the University of Calgary, teaching yoga within the Faculty of Kinesiology.

I aim to combine knowledge of yoga, kinesiology and dance to encourage positive learning that suits the goals of each individual. My hope at this time is to virtually meet you in your own environment. Each person is situated in their home life and will have a unique daily rhythm. When you sign in, you will be met with acceptance and respect for how you arrive. Your personal journey is yours alone and is supported.

It is important for us to acknowledge where yoga comes from and how it has evolved. Yoga grew out of Northern India thousands of years ago from sacred texts The Vedas. The Vedas were the foundations of where the roots of yoga grew. Many variations of practice have been established since its creation and continue to develop worldwide. Yoga made its way from India to the western world through those who hoped to share and teach the knowledge passed down through generations. 

The way I was taught to study this practice is through a lens of equality, understanding and compassion. I extend this care to myself and others. By creating space to listen and appreciate the culture that yoga grew out of, I hope to be able to grow my understanding of the lineage of this practice.

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